RE: perfect pitch (was RE: hunting for harps)

Keith, Bill Long and interested others,
	Thanks for the post on pitch you guys.  I must not have perfect pitch
but as a lad had a high soprano voice and sang solos in my elementary school(s)
acapella choir.  I seem to recall that the choir director(s) always had trouble
getting some of the kids singing in the correct key, etc.  For whatever reason
(I'm sure my folks didn't play Mozart, Bach or Beethoven for me, but I do
remember grooving to their 78's on tunes like "Heartaches", Glen Miller, etc.),
I can't remember ever being off-key, and maybe (just MAYBE) that's why they
often chose me to sing solos.  Everything was fine until puberty caught up to
me around my 12th birthday, when my high soprano went south and I became a
wavering caterwaller.
	BTW Bill, now I understand why my math, computational and computer
skills are so poorly developed.  That part of my brain must have stayed
infantile in proportion!

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