Re: Cross Harp Discussion

> > Question:  When playing cross harp with a song in G, is the natural F (5
> > draw) on the C harp to be included when playing 2nd position?  I ask
> > because it is not part of the G scale.  In depth (theory) answers
> > welcome :)  
> Actually, it is a minor 7th whuich is an important note in the blues scale.

Technically, the more proper name is "natural 7th", or just plain "seventh". 
The other "seventh", a semitone below the tonic, is properly specified as
"major seventh".

There's no reason to exclude any note when playing 2nd position, except that
it doesn't sound good in the lick you're playing.  I frequently do chromatic
runs in 2nd position - but they always "fit".  I use a C major diatonic
with windsavers, which allows true bends on all reeds; but this can also be
done using overblows/overdraws.

 -- mike

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