Re: perfect pitch (was RE: hunting for harps)

<Hunting for song key>

One doesn't need perfect or relative pitch to find keys.  Just a trained ear
that can recognize intervals - and that _should_ include most of us.  We all
know scales of various sorts.  If we hear a tune, play our reference note,
and locate its position in the song-in-question, it's nothing more than a
mental-mathematical exercise to compute the key.

If I have a bad head cold, my perfect pitch is affected.  I have trouble
recognizing pitches, tuning, etc., and use this method.

> 	I did read an article in our local paper that some studies had been 
> done which seemed to indicate that if you expose very young children to 
> music (I mean babies) that it develops (enlarges) a certain part of the brain..

hmmm - the way I heard it, when you learn to play an instrument, your head
swells and your ego enlarges :-)

I've seen the ads for perfect pitch, and having "natural" perfect pitch,
would highly recommend sparing no expense to learn it.  We wouldn't want to
learn oil painting "blindfolded".  Why play music "half deaf" if there's a
possibility of hearing it accurately?

Could someone with a lead ear send for the free lesson, try it out, and
report back to the list?

 -- mike

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