Cost of JT-30's

I just got off the phone with CTI Audio. I am ordering 12
elements from them at $10 each. This is considerably 
cheaper than Kevin's. This should keep me stocked for a
year or three.

The quantity 12 price for new Astatic JT-30's with Volume
Control is $49 plus shipping and handling. I will be sending
in my credit application for them soon so I may go for this
deal. I know enough harp players so I don't think they will
last long. $50 is much cheaper than Kevin's $150
especially since I know how to do the Rod Piazza Mod for
about 25 cents worth fo capacitor. It may difficult to convince
the wife that $600 worth of funny looking microphones which
haven't changed in design since the 1940's is a good investment.

Now if any knows where to get the 1/4 inch jack connectors that
attach to the mics????


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