Women harp players.

I have noticed lately that I get a lot of questions about harp from women
when I play gigs (I'm male).  They either want to learn to play or want to
know about women harp players.  I have a little information about players
like Big Mama Thorton and Annie Raines that I can pass on to people, but
other than that all I really know are names.  I checked the Harp-L archives
and found that there was a thread back in 1994.  The posts mentioned a lot of
names but not a lot about the players.  Winslow Yerxa put out a post
regarding a letter he received from John Hamerlinck requesting information
regarding women harp players for a survey he was compiling.  Does anyone know
if this survey/compilation was ever completed?  I would like to be able to
get more women involved with harp and information about other women players
seems to help a lot.  Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Keep Blowin'

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