2X10 Fender Amps

The following is a list of all the Fender amplifiers that I am aware of 
that came stock with a 2X10 speaker set-up.  While I've made every effort 
to be comprehensive mistakes can be made so don't take this as the final 
word. fjm

Concert 210 60 watt all tube 1982-85
Dual Professional V-Front 16 watt all tube 1946-47
London Reverb 100 watt solid state 1983-85 also available as 1X12
Princeton Chorus 2X25 watt stereo solid state 1989-?
Showman 210 200 watt solid state 1983-85 available in several speaker combos
Solid State Vibrolux Reverb 35 watt 1967-70
V-front Super 16 watt all tube 1947-52
Wide Panel Super 20 watt all tube 1952-54
Narrow Panel Super 20 watt all tube 1954-60
Brownface Super 30 watt all tube 1960-64
Super 210 60 watt all tube 1988-93
Taurus 42 watt solid state 1970-72 (Harv's personal favorite)
Tremolux Piggy Back 30 watt all tube 1961-66 also in a 1X10 version
Vibrolux Reverb Brownface Blackface Silverface 30 watt all tube 1961-65
Vibroverb 35 watt all tube 1963-64
Vibroverb Reissue 40 watt all tube 1990-
30 30 watt all tube 1979-82

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