Chromatics and Detroit 95

Well, thats got you in here!

Detroit 95 will undoubtedly be the second best harmonica event  this year.  The
first of course will be the British Harmonica Championships to be held on Sept
9th , 9th and 9th in Banbury,  UK (got to make it look almost as long as
Detroit)  Last year the standard of 'blues' harp playing was exceptional ...
this year it will no doubt be better. All are welcome.  BY THE WAY, I am seeing
more and more Brits on Harp-L ... GREAT.  er... How come I don't see many of
them on the membership list of the UK National Harmonica league.  Come and join
us.  There are an astounding number of people from other countries on our
membership list, why not you. Even if you are not a member you will be
exceptionally welcome at the Championships.  Contrary to popular belief we do
not ONLY talk about weather in the UK.  (sometimes it is about umbrellas) 

(Sorry Bob W, only kidding about 2nd best, after all you only had to invite
Adler, OUR President so I KNOW it will be a great show)

A pale shout from a lonely Chromatic player appeared on yesterdays digest.  Yes,
there are some closet chromatic players out there but not many make a noise on
Harp-l. I (a rabid chromy ) get a little vocal at times and like corresponding
with other consenting chromaticists. I have observed that there are not many
chromatic players who actually talk while they are playing, whilst some blues
players make a darn good stab at doing the two simultaneously. Maybe this is the
reason that more blues players talk on this list????  :-}}

Come on Chromatics, out of the woodwork ... tell all.

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