Re: More on mics

Can you put a ceramic element into a mic that originally had a crystal
one?  For that matter, how does one go about replacing the lements.  My
mic is pretty new (and my only one), but I think it was a mistake not to
get the ceramic element and want to know if I can replace my crystal with
ceramic for 30$ or whatever the cost of the element is.


On Wed, 5 Jul 1995, Mike Curtis wrote:

> <Dead JT-30 crystal elements> 
> Crystal elements eventually fail.  Being made from a water soluble salt,
> they eventually absorb water and die.  However, their best sound is when
> they have picked up a little water and are heading south.
> The elements themselves are not repairable - they're throw-away items. 
> Kevins Harps (800-27-HARP-N) lists crystal and ceramic elements for $21.95
> each.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to carry a spare if the JT-30 or similar is
> your ONLY harp mic.
> On the job, I carry a Green Bullet, JT-30, my custom rack pickup, and a
> spare rack and Strnad rack mic with low-Z to high-Z transformer (it really
> helps!)  I also carry a couple of vocal mics.
> Paranoid?  Nope - experienced!
>  -- mike

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