Re: Advice on "black-face" Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp

At 12:25 PM 7/5/95, clarkeb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>The Deluxe is meant to have a single 12".
>Deluxes feedback way too fast and with two
>tens instead of the twelve it has even more dispersion and consequently
>less gain before feedback again.

Hmmm ... maybe I'm getting my Fenders mixed up, but I'd swear I used to own
a 100% original Deluxe Reverb with two 10" speakers.  If necessary I can
find out, 'cos I sold it to a friend in England about ten years ago, and he
still has it.

As I recall, it was indeed a very tricky amp to set up right for the harp,
but well worth it if you could get it right.

However, I agree totally with your comments about not buying severely
hacked about amps unless they sound just how you want.

>Bernie Clarke

   -- hugh

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