RE: New Kid on the Net

Unsolicited plug for SPAH

To the New Kid's on the Net:

>Rusty Sterling writes;
>    Hi all.  Just thought I'd introduce myself.  I'm ...

Welcome Rusty and all -

Rusty's post reminds me that there have been several new subscribers to HARP-L 
lately. Some may not be aware of the upcoming SPAH convention in Detroit.

IMHO - More harmonica stuff wrapped into 5 days than you could ever imagine. 
Concerts, Seminars, Open mic, BLUES NIGHT, many, many pros to meet, and more. 
This is the greatest harmonica event in the country, perhaps in the world.

SPAH - August 29 - September 2, 1995 - Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza (Detroit Metro)

For more information: Contact Harmonica Convention, P.O. Box 865, Troy, MI 
48099-0865, USA or E-Mail to    HarpSPAH@xxxxxxx    (Bob Williams)

--Jack E.

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