Re: Rod Piazza Mic Source/Crystal Balls Question

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> Subject: Re: Rod Piazza Mic Source/Crystal Balls Question

Not to beat a dead horse... but for those who weren't on the list when
the subject came up last spring...  I think that Rod and Kevin must
have either a way to "modify" the element (humidity, mojo dust,etc.) -OR-
they have given Astatic certain specs for "better" elements.

Either way, to their credit, Rod and Kevin seem to have a more consistent
element than you may find elsewhere.  In other words, a friend of mine has 
an old Astatic that sounds better than a Hot Rod, but my friend has spent a 
lot of time and a lot of money searching for that mic.  I think Rod and Kevin
offer a way to get a very good element w/o the search.  In the long run,
it could even be cheaper.... my friend spent hundreds and hundreds on
dozens and dozens of Astatics before he was happy.  Before I compared a
Hot Rod to my vintage JT-30, I was skeptical... but the Hot Rod definitely
kick my JT-30's butt.  So, Rod and Kevin must be on to something.

The other route is getting a vintage mic from Tom's Mics (214)328-3225
or someone like my friend at Packrat Music here in Columbia,SC (803)926-0008.
Their vintage mics cost about as much as a Hot Rod... but in this case
you are paying for their time and cost in cherry-picking the best.

I think you could get a great sounding mic from either Rod/Kevin or 
Tom's/Packrat.  Of course, tone is in the ear of the beholder.

Good luck!
Elliott New

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