Re: used amps (no harp content?)

On Wed, 5 Jul 1995 KPGraham@xxxxxxx wrote:

> This weekend I bought a TV repair kit at a garage sale ($75). It
> was a big RCA metal suitcase with about 200 tubes in it and
> 4 large cardboard boxes full of tubes. There are a great many
> "tin can" 6L6's and other classic amp tubes. It dates from the 
> early sixties so there are many audio tubes. I tested 50,
> 48 were good, 2 where questionable. No duds.
> Are these tubes worth anything? 

  Some, perhaps. The 'tin can' 6L6's probably aren't. Metal tubes have a 
well-deserved reputation for being microphonic when used in musical 
applications. They're not going to like all the vibration they'll get in 
a combo amp, either.

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