Re: Advice on "black-face" Fender Deluxe Reverb Amp

>:I'd be grateful for opinions, advice, info on a Fender Deluxe Reverb
Amp with
>:black faceplate that I'm evaluating for purchase.  It's in a rebuilt
box made
>:to original specs, uncovered raw plywood, and has two 10" Eminence
>:speakers.  The front has the following inputs and controls:
>:o  o   0    0    0   |   o  o     0     0     0     0     0     0
>:1  2  Vol Treb  Bass     1  2  Volume Treble Bass Reverb Speed
>:Am I right that the speed and intensity knobs are supposed to control
>:Fender called a vibrato?  They don't do anything.  Since this amp has
>:"presence" control and no separate master volume, how can I control
the amount
>:of distortion?  Knocking on top of the amp causes crackle.  Do you
think this
>:is a major problem?  The owner will probably ask me for $250.  Does
that seem
>:reasonable?  $300?
>:Thanks all for your patience, and in advance to those who respond to
me off-
>:list about this.
>:      -John Thaden    jjthaden@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Deluxe is meant to have a single 12".  In their original
configuration they are way too bright an amp to use for harmonica
players.  I would not recommend buying a bastardized vintage amp unless
it really sounds good.  For the money you are talking about spending, I
advise you go with a Princeton -  early sxties with or without reverb.
I have an excellent one like fjm described earlier - blackface, white
knobs (1963) no reverb that is an excellent amp.  It was one of Big
Walter's mainstays.  It's also loud enough to hear on stage and I mic
mine with a 57 through the board - great sound.  I would not recommend 
the Deluxe especially if it has been modified.  But if it had "the
tone" I would pay a lot more for it.  I would be surprised if it
sounded good for the harp.  Deluxes feedback way too fast and with two
tens instead of the twelve it has even more dispersion and consequently
less gain before feedback again.  Probably sounds great for guitar,

Bernie Clarke
"Don't start me to talkin', I'll tell everything I know." - SBWII

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