Re: Song Keys; What's this Harp?

>Question:  Why did no one else mention this
>tecnique in response to requests for info about how to figure out
>song keys?

You are exactly right. You get good at little tricks like you
describes, but there is no set method for finding the key. It's
hunt for it using what you've got. I look for the 1 or the 5 with
whatever harp I have and when I get a hit I count down or up
to that note and that's the key.

I was sitting next to Phil Wiggins, the great piedmont blues man,
when a song started it. He played a note or 2 on his harp, switched
once and played a note and then switched again. It took him
about 4 seconds of hunting 'till he had the key. I asked him what
his method was. He said he just hunted around. It's every harp
players constant problem, that and guitar players who change the
key and don't think to tell the harp player.


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