Re: used amps (no harp content?)

>The total cost of the tubes was less than $35

This weekend I bought a TV repair kit at a garage sale ($75). It
was a big RCA metal suitcase with about 200 tubes in it and
4 large cardboard boxes full of tubes. There are a great many
"tin can" 6L6's and other classic amp tubes. It dates from the 
early sixties so there are many audio tubes. I tested 50,
48 were good, 2 where questionable. No duds.

Are these tubes worth anything? I am interested in tube amps an
old mics from the harp side, but there old amps are very interesting
in and of themselves. This is my first pure amp (no harp content)
purchase. I think of it as an investment, but I am not sure. 


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