More on mics

>switching out the innards
>of a JT-30/Blues Blaster with a Bullet cartridge

This weekend I had two astatics turn up dead. One was a my
Rod Piazza Hot-Rod and the other was what I thought was a
Sure Shallow Back. The shallow back had an Astatic crystal
element in it. Anyway, I have a Shure magneto cartridge for
a green bullet that I bought from Kevin's Harps (no break at
$35). I am going to put that in the shallow back instead to replace
the dead Astatic. 

Are the astatic elements repairable? I have 6 dead ones now. 
I have had 3 replacements due to failure and 3 mics that I bought
DOA. If there is something I can do to revive these I would save 
some money.

Does anyone have the address of Astatic? Maybe I could buy
by the case and keep the cost down. I could share with the
list by offering repairs at cost plus postage. There seems to
be some interest in this.

The shallow back mic is very cool. It has a grill like a green
bullet, but it was clearly made for an astatic type element. It
is bullet shaped, but about half the depth and 1/4 the weight
of a bullet. It has a back fin like an astatic. It fits perfectly into
my hands with plenty of room for cupping the harp and does
not get in the way of Wah-wah sounds. Does anyone know
what it is that I have?


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