pickle plug response and misc info

Sorry, I haven't responded to pickle plug comments over the last few
days. I've been at the Jazz Festival in Montreal. The highlight
of the trip for me was seeing Toots live for the first time -
what a treat.

There has been some nice things said about my Pickle Plug on the net and
a few questions. The name is correct (BlueSngr wondered). Why Pickle Plug?
I don't know. It just came to me and a digital designer friend who helped
me package and patent it. What is it? In summary, it gives a line out 
feature to amps that don't have one, with a simple
universal connection to your amp. A direct box will do something
similar, but it is more expensive, requires an effects loop, requires
more wires and feeds back more. I designed it for me with the help of
very useful 'feedback' of harp-lers. I field tested first prototypes and
so far everyone finds it useful. I am hand making them now, in search of
a manufacturer that can begin before September so I can handle limited
orders. I'm selling the handmade versions for 14.95 + .55 to mail them.

Please direct your private questions/ideas to me.
I tend to be one of the quieter participants of this net but am
involved in many activities. I am working with Ron S. on his
midi-monica (not sure what it will finally be called) and am
gather software/user requirements now. I have some other
musical gadgets in work but must discuss them one on one since
they are not protected by patent.

If anyone wants more feedback on the Toots concert, I'll expand on it.
His finale was Sesame St.
                                          Jeff Smith
                                          75 HillsFerry Road
                                          Nashua, NH 03060

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