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From: Pat Gale
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Date: 05 July 1995 09:25

Amen to that;  one of the major advantages of Harp-L for beginners like me, 
is to be able to ask stupid questions without FEELING stupid. There's 
comfort in knowing that all you experts have been through the same mill 
before, and wont be as patronising as some of the music store personnel. 
  Believe me, once I get through reading all this interesting mail, I'm 
going to be asking some pretty basic questions !

          Bravo to Winslow
          The man in the know
          He answer the questions
          With no overblow !!

From: owner-harp-l
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Subject: Resources for Beginners
Date: 04 July 1995 10:39

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VFischer@xxxxxxx wrote:

   Many of the newcomers are just starting out on harp and ask
   many questions that any beginner would. However, many of the
   answers to the questions are easily found in many great
   publications. I suggest that beginners go to a music store or
   book store and check out some books on Harp.


   I find that the *best* questions for Harp-L come from players
   who have the fundamentals down and are now trying to obtain
   information that really only comes from more advanced players
   and not books

There are no best questions, only best answers.

While there are a lot of harmonica books, many contain bad
information. And many music stores don't stock them. Harp-L is a
unique resource. Someone can ask a question on ANY level, and get
several answers from different perspectives. If there is bad
information in a reply, the offender will be taken to task on
list, and the innocent inquirer won't be misled like she/he might
be with a bad book.

All Questions are Welcome - None are Dumb

Winslow Yerxa
Harmonica Information Press

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