Re: Mike on Mics

> I do have one comment though in reference to hi Z cables. The signal has 
> to have a complete circuit, or you get no signal. In other words, the 
> music gets pushed down the hot wire, but comes back on the shield.

It depends on our point of reference.  If we open the braid and measure
current, yes there will be a flow.  But when the ground is opened, it is no
longer ground.  By definition, ground is at zero.  For unbalanced systems,
we measure with respect to ground.  Ground is considered to be an
"unmovable" point of reference, so when viewed from this vantage point, all
current flow is in the hot conductor.

If this were not true, any current generated in the shield (i.e. magnetic
fields, etc.) would be picked up and amplified by the amplifier, as there
would have to be a complementary current in the center conductor.  But
because it's ground, this is not the case.

 -- mike

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