Re: Playing Straight through the PA

There is a version of XLR to 1/4" cord out there that isn't correct for 
the Blues Blaster.  If your cable is wired pin 3 to the tip of the 1/4" 
and pin 1 jumpered to the ground lug with the sheild wired to it and the 
body of the 1/4" you've got the righ cord.  Any other cord wiring scheme 
either won't work or sounds awful i.e. no bottom.  CTI used a 500k pot in 
the Blaster and their JT-30 but they may have changed since then.  The 
difficulty in going to a 5 meg potentiometer is not the wiring but the 
mounting.  Find someone with a 5 meg pot and copy how they did it.  CTI 
also claims that cords over 20' have too much capacitance and load the 
crystal affecting the sound.  fjm

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