Re: Playing Straight through the PA

*Whew* OK, this mic mayhem has the old nugget spinnin.' Questions for you 
tech pros:

I just bought a BB two months ago, and yes, it was OK, but no great 
shakes ;). I have an old Green Bullet with wiring probs, but I think that 
the cartridge is intact. Is there a way to put the Green Bullet 'guts' 
into the BB? Or perhaps more simply, what sort of specs should I look for 
on a pot that might significantly improve the BB's sound? Is installation 
of the new pot difficult? I'm adequately handy with a soldering iron...

Also, get a load of this: MY BB didn't come with a cable - perhaps due to 
some confusion at the store. I nonchalantly removed the XLR cable that 
came with my HI-Z Shure Prologue and attached it to the BB. It seems to 
work fine. Is this normal or surprising?

Thanks for any advice in advance....


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