Rod Piazza Mic Source/Crystal Balls Question

On July 4th, Garry (2 r's) wrote:
>Where do I find a Rod Piazza mic? Who makes them?

Rod does mods to Astatic mics and repaints them.  The picture on the cover
of the Harpburn CD has him playing through one.  There is a thread in the
archives describing the modifications (except what Rod does to modify the
cartridge itself).  I hear he's not tellin' that, but I suspect its some
special mojo dust.

The number I have on the Harpburn CD for Rod's Mics is 714-781-4077.
Kevin's Harps used to have them in the catalog, but they disappeared about
the same time as the Crystal Balls showed up.  Anyone know the story on that???

Gary "Indiana" Warren

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