Re: Playing Straight through the PA

> There's another difference too. I've never known a BB that sounded good. In
> side by side comparisons to JT-30's performed all across America, the BB
> always runs dead last. I don't know what the deal is(some will tell you
> it's the lack of a screw on connector), but I've never heard anyone say
> that they like their BB. And the pot is a low-grade variety. I don't know
> if that's true with the JT-30VC.

It could be the pot value.  The pot loads the element.  If the BB uses a low
value, it will sound thin.

And I agree about "cheap pots".  NEVER use a cheap volume control.  The
"expensive" ones don't cost that much extra, and your sound depends heavily
on it.  It is VERY unprofessional to tweak the volume and have all kinds of
crackly static come out.

I have one of Kevins "crystal balls" mics, which has a 500k pot in it (I
believe the new ones have 5 meg), and have been quite happy with the sound. 
I'm sure a 5 meg pot would improve the sound, though - but it's hard to find
5 meggers, especially good quality ones.

 -- mike

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