Re: Playing Straight through the PA

At 3:24 AM 7/4/95, Bobbie Giordano wrote:
>Awhile back I seem to remember discussions about switching out the innards
>of a JT-30/Blues Blaster with a Bullet cartridge, which gave a Bullet-like
>quality in a JT-30 shell and added benefit of volume control.  Why not try
>going that route with the idle JT-30/BBs?
>One difference I've noticed is the Bullet weighs twice as much as a JT-30/BB.

I'm a man, I can handle it. Bullets seem to be bullet-proof. They don't
seem to die when dropped or played under water(unlike crystals, they don't
absorb water).

Like FJM, I go for a big(read: using analog delays), fairly clean,
overdriven sound these days. Astatics add their own distortion which I'm
trying to avoid. It's just a phase. Overdriven is not necessarily
synonymous with distortion. A bullet through a tube amp still has plenty of


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