Re: Playing Straight through the PA

At 11:20 PM 7/3/95, Bobbie Giordano wrote:
>Since standard XLR mic cables are low-impedance, wouldn't this still be a
>mismatch with hi-Z microphones like the Blues Blaster or JT-30?  Are you
>saying, Rkt, that an XLR connector attaches the mic cable to a 1/4" plug,
>or attaches the mic to a cable with a 1/4" plug for connecting to a hi-Z

An XLR connector is just a connector. There is a standard that uses XLR
connectors for low impedance microphone cords. But I could use XLR
connectors to run a signal to my hi-fi speakers. Or carry 9VDC to my Kreme
Serella. Or use it in a hi-Z application to connect to my Blues Blaster. A
standard mic cord will not work with the BB. It's a standard mono patch
cord that happens to use a XLR connector.

>One last thing, I understand there ARE differences between the JT-30 and the
>Blues Blaster, Rkt, than just housing color.  The JT-30 is semidirectional,
>with a frequency response of 30-8000 Hz, weighing 241 grams [8.5 oz.]  The
>BB is omnidirectional, frequency response of 30-10,000 Hz, and weighing
>283.5 grams [10 oz.]

There's another difference too. I've never known a BB that sounded good. In
side by side comparisons to JT-30's performed all across America, the BB
always runs dead last. I don't know what the deal is(some will tell you
it's the lack of a screw on connector), but I've never heard anyone say
that they like their BB. And the pot is a low-grade variety. I don't know
if that's true with the JT-30VC.

A guy around here got a Rod Piazza special. It looks like a Purple Metal
Flake Blaster. While I haven't had a chance to play through it yet, I did
notice that it had a solid, heavy duty, hi-quality volume pot - one that
lets you know that you're in control as opposed to hoping it works right
this time.

FJM convinced me to go back to Bullet-dom anyway so my Astatics are in


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