Re: Playing Straight through the PA

The XLR connection on a JT-30/Blues Blaster is at the microphone base.  
A female XLR connector at the end of a cord with a 1/4" male plug is used 
to connect to the microhone and then the 1/4" plug is used to plug into a 
high impedance input.  A tube amplifier in most cases.  I used to try 
using my Blues Blaster straight into an Alesis Midiverb then out into an 
amp.  No go the Alesis is only 500k input impedance mono and the bottom 
disappeared on my frequency response.  As for the dual impedance Shure my 
feeling is that they sound way better wired high only.  In talking to the 
folks at CTI the people who make both the JT-30 and the Blues Blaster 
they claim that the shells and elements are identical  and the spec 
difference means nothing. fjm  

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