Re: Beginner question: type of harp?

At 12:44 AM 7/3/95, Mike Curtis wrote:
>Oskars come tuned a little sharp.

My experience has shown that Oscars come ~equal~ tuned to 443.

>But I'm sure there are plenty more who feel as fjm does - that "stock"
>tuning just isn't close enough for them.

I have used the same set of Meisterklasse since 1990. I replace reed plates
when they no longer will stay in tune(or have a broken reed). Except in
rare emergencies, I always tweak the new plates prior to installation. They
_never_ come from the factory adjusted or tuned to my satisfaction. My
Meisterklasse are old-style(pre-MS) which used to mean they were equal
tuned. As has been mentioned 'round these parts of late, this makes for
not-so-good sounding chords. On those occasions when I don't have time to
make adjustments and just slap a reed plate(or two) on a harp, it makes me
cringe to play that way and it sounds like so much dog breath.

As FJM mentioned, he tunes his up to make the chords sound better. And as
has been discussed here, there's always a compromise between good sounding
chords and good sounding single notes. This isn't just a harmonica problem.
Howard Levy used to play Golden Melody's exclusively which are equal tuned
at the factory. He's the type of player who must have good sounding single
notes. Last I heard he was using Filisko Marine Bands which means he
doesn't have to worry about how they're tuned at the factory(Joe will tune
'em any way you want it).


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