Favorite harmonica clips from tv and movies

I was just thinking and wondered how many of you guys and gals (hi bobbi) 
remember Andy Devine as Mr. Frisbee in the Twilight zone episode about 
the worlds greatest liar. I plan on one day putting together a video 
compilation of my favorite ( and least favorite-see Rutger Hauer) clips 
with harmonica used in a non performance application. If you have 
favorites send me film title, character, actor, and how the harmonica was 
used. Even cliche death row clips will be OK. 
This is probably better sent just to me unless there are a bunch of me2's.

REMEMBER:I'm not looking for bands playing in the background. Maybe 
someone else is or I might later. If you haven't seen Mr. Frisbee, it's a 
must-see. A harmonica saves the earth from alien invasion- or at least 
saves him from being space-napped!
for those of you  that don't get the info at the top of the screen. My 
Edress is: JFRAZER@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS If you're coming to SD let me know . Maybe I'll take you fishing. 

I await your responses with "bait"ed breath

HARMONICA JOHN	San Diego  PO Box 740613 SD CA 92174 (619)263-6826

God, family, music, fishing, work.	 Can blue men play the whites?

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