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On Sun, 2 Jul 1995 VFischer@xxxxxxx wrote:

> Harp-L subscribers.  Many of the newcomers are just starting out on harp and
> ask many questions that any beginner would.  However, many of the answers to
> the questions are easily found in many great publications.  I suggest that
> beginners go to a music store or book store and check out some books on Harp.

If no one asked the EASY questions, I wouldn't have any answers! :^)

> excellent tips for the beginning harp player.  If you cannot find the answer
> to your questions in the available books, then ask away to members of Harp-L.
>  I find that the *best* questions for Harp-L come from players who have the
> fundamentals down and are now trying to obtain information that really only
> comes from more advanced players and not books (e.g. overblowing, tounge
> block technique, etc.)

No flame here either, but who is to say what is the *best* question? 
I heard somewhere that TNSTASDQ. (Quess the acronym)


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