Song Keys; What's this Harp?

RE: Figuring out Song Keys:
     I guess I consider myself an intermediate harp player.  Those of you
advanced and 'God's gift to harp' players may be able to help me out.  When I
want to figure out the key of a song to jam with, I just pull out, say, a
Special 20 in C or something.  Then when I listen to the song, I just follow
the chord progression until it comes back each time to the "1" chord.  When
it does, I match the key of the song to the corresponding-sounding note on my
harp among holes 4-7---unless I get lucky with the key of harp I happen to
have in hand and I'm already in 2nd position; then, of course, 3Blow jives
with the "1" chord of the song.  Question:  Why did no one else mention this
tecnique in response to requests for info about how to figure out song keys?
 Am I wrong?  Out of key???  Maybe little Johnny really IS the only one OUT
of step.  ??? 

RE:  What's this Harp I'm using?
     Would someone please clarify the differences and/or similarities in the
following harps:
      - Special 20..besides the obvious plastic comb
      - Pro there anything 'Pro' about it?
      - Cross Harp..What of Hohner's new venture??  I seem to really like the
sound and comfort of them.  Am I alone?  I don't see mention of them?

How do they each other...and to others, as well?

Thanks...............................Calvin Griffin

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