Resources for beginners

This post is in no way intended to be a flame, just some guidance.

I have noticed in recent weeks that there seems to be a large increase in
Harp-L subscribers.  Many of the newcomers are just starting out on harp and
ask many questions that any beginner would.  However, many of the answers to
the questions are easily found in many great publications.  I suggest that
beginners go to a music store or book store and check out some books on Harp.
 I have found that Steve Baker's Harp Handbook, Richard Hunter's Jazz Harp,
Jon Gindick's books and tapes, David Harp's books, and many more all have
excellent tips for the beginning harp player.  If you cannot find the answer
to your questions in the available books, then ask away to members of Harp-L.
 I find that the *best* questions for Harp-L come from players who have the
fundamentals down and are now trying to obtain information that really only
comes from more advanced players and not books (e.g. overblowing, tounge
block technique, etc.)

As I mentioned, this post is not a flame.  I am glad to see many more people
participating in Harp-L, and look forward to the new information to come.

Keep Blowin'

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