Re: Playing Straight through the PA

I've been using a Sabine FBX-901 Feedback Exterminator on the PA.  It
_really_ helps with feedback.  

For most tunes, I use a custom rack pickup based on a Green Bullet, into a
wireless, Lexicon Vortex, Octoplus, and digital delay (usually set for a
slight slapback) set for a bit of gain, into a silverface Fender Champ,
which typically is overdriven.  I then run this into the PA, either mic'd or
with a homebrew direct box.

I've also been experimenting with the Vortex as a stereo output, driving the
Champ with the right channel and the PA with the left.  It's nice!

When you overdrive, feedback becomes a lot more likely.  Since getting the
FBX-901, feedback has become a rarity.  Also, the overall sound has become

 -- mike

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