Re: Playing Straight through the PA

Thanks for the info on all the postings. Barry S asked if I was getting too
much distortion from my mic/amp set up. I actually meant the problems start
when you put a mic in front of the speaker of your amp to run to the PA.
Usually stage volume is lower for harp amps and they must me miked to the PA
because the bass drums guitar swamp the poor little guy. I found even the
bassmans have to be miked to really get the sound you hear near the amp out
to the crowd. In my band I only work with players that can keep their stage
volume appropriate for the size room we are playing. This is also helpful
when singing. I just got tired of the" loop" Bullet mic to amp PAmic from amp
to PA, get a little in the monitors and fight the feedback . Too much
tweaking 3-5 nights a week drives me batty! Im going to try the tube preamp
to Lexocon processor that has been suggested by Mike Barry and fjm. 
Thanks all!

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