Re: Playing Straight through the PA

On this subject...At the blues festival on friday night, Big Daddy Kinsey
and the Kinsey report (one of my favorite bands there) had a harp player. 
Anyways, he wasn't spectacular, but he came out and he played into what
looked to be just a normal vocal mic going into the PA.  He was cupping it
but he got a very nice acoustic tone (keeping the edge of the harp rather
than getting the sax-like sound of most chicago blues)  Anyone experienced
in getting this kind of sound?  Also, I forget who it was, but someone was
able to get a really impressive wah sound playing into a bullet while
seemingly only moving one or two fingers.  


On Sat, 1 Jul 1995, Barry Schaede wrote:

> The 58 is a good choice.  Is it that the PA's so good or that your old 
> mic amp setup was too distorted?  I play through an amp but I use a much 
> cleaner tone than the ususal Chicago style player.  I use an Alesis 
> Midiverb rack mount.  You get a very clean preamp stage with adjustable 
> input and output volume so the range of tone is great.  The main reason 
> I bought this unit was for the delay but some of the other program 
> paramaters are nice also.  I also play through a Shure Green Bullet wired 
> high impedance only.  I don't seem to have troubles getting a clean sound 
> when I need it.  i don't play right on top of the mic when I opt for 
> clean though.  Lot's of people play through the PA direct though.  
> Charlie Musselwhite comes to mind.  Howard Levy gets all his sound 
> through processors the amp doesn't matter to him he uses whatever they 
> give him when he shows up.  Madcat does the same thing.  i could probably 
> dig up more details on either of these two setups if you were 
> interested.  fjm

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