Re: Beginner question: type of harp? (Huang Silvertones)

I tried silvertones mainly because I'm a poor boy.  Personally, I hated
them so much that I'm willing to go deep into debt to not play with them. 
I just ordered a bunch of the Big River harps hoping to find a MS harp
that I like.  I haven't got them yet, so I can't say.  I love the sound of
special 20's.  a guy I met at the blues festival was showing off his harp
of choice to me (Golden Melody) and said that harp had lasted him for 2
years and I liked the sound of it (he let me play through it) pretty much.
 Then again, I'm not sure what chords would sound like on a equally tuned
harp.  I have a question about just and equal tunings.  If you were
soloing in straight harp, would it be best to be playing a justly tuned
harmonica.  How about in cross harp, or 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.  BTW, I
discovered today that playing in C on an A Harp offers a world of


On Sat, 1 Jul 1995 JFergu1@xxxxxxx wrote:

> My personal favorite used to be Hohner Golden Melody, but I have since
> switched to Lee Oscars. I haven't worn one out yet and if I do I can just buy
> replacement plates. I also have a couple of Suzukis. They are too expensive
> but very well built and sound great. I think the Lee Oscars have a better
> sound for blues/rock playing than the Suzuki.
> Oh, I also have one Huang Silvertone deluxe because I heard that Madcat Ruth
> plays them. It was only $6.50 mail order and a great harp for the money.  
> Joe

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