Re: Harp-L tape deadline

> <Has the deadline been extended?>
> I've sent a note to Steve asking if it's OK by him to extend it to the end
> of August (after all, it is his project - I'm just helping), and will let
> you all know just as soon as I have "official" word.
> The Harp-L tape is YOUR opportunity to be on a tape with other Harp-L
> members.  Beginner, intermediate, or Gods Gift to the instrument - it makes
> no difference.  This isn't a contest.  It's a way we can all share our music
> with others on the list.  Don't be bashful or shy.  Make a tape and send it
> in.  It would be nice if we could get everyone on the list to submit a tune.

And steve said it's fine with him to extend the deadline.  So get on the
ball, all you Harp-L'ers.  Let's see if we can get some tapes going here.  I
have one submission that's solo harp, so if you don't get along with other
musicians, do it yourself!  I'll post the address and details weekly - or if
you're impatient, send me private email (wd6ehr@xxxxxxxxxx)

 -- mike

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