Re: Playing Straight through the PA

<Harmonica effects for playing through the PA?> 

I don't know about clarity, but I just bought a Lexicon Vortex.  It has some
nifty delays, vibrato effects, doubling effects, etc.  You can also tap in
the delay times using a front panel button or a footswitch.  It comes with
one dual switch, but handles 2 plus an expression pedal.  It's a single
space rackmount.

To warm up your harp sound a bit, you might want to test out a tube preamp. 
Mesa-Boogie has a really nice looking one.  There are several other tube
preamps, mostly made as guitar distortion stomp-box type effects.  If you
want a clean sound, just don't crank it into clipping.

I've tried many solid state based distortion/overdrive effects, and don't
like any of them - they tend to be too shrill sounding to my ear.  I'm
definitely a "tube" fan.

 -- mike

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