Re: Playing Straight through the PA

The 58 is a good choice.  Is it that the PA's so good or that your old 
mic amp setup was too distorted?  I play through an amp but I use a much 
cleaner tone than the ususal Chicago style player.  I use an Alesis 
Midiverb rack mount.  You get a very clean preamp stage with adjustable 
input and output volume so the range of tone is great.  The main reason 
I bought this unit was for the delay but some of the other program 
paramaters are nice also.  I also play through a Shure Green Bullet wired 
high impedance only.  I don't seem to have troubles getting a clean sound 
when I need it.  i don't play right on top of the mic when I opt for 
clean though.  Lot's of people play through the PA direct though.  
Charlie Musselwhite comes to mind.  Howard Levy gets all his sound 
through processors the amp doesn't matter to him he uses whatever they 
give him when he shows up.  Madcat does the same thing.  i could probably 
dig up more details on either of these two setups if you were 
interested.  fjm

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