Re: volume pedals

At 7:32 AM 7/1/95, Mike Curtis wrote:
>> I have a Morley as well. Actually it is a volume/wah pedal. my only
>> complaint is that the wah is so much louder than the max volume. At least
>This is very easy to fix - just install a volume control on the output of
>the wah-wah circuit.  You'll find this where the volume/wah switch is.  This
>will be a "set and forget" adjustment, so it could be mounted internally if
>you like.
>I'm not sure what the output Z of the Morley is, but you're probably safe
>with something between 50k and 500k.

The problem with this band-aid is that there will then be a passive(and
noisier) component in the circuit when additional dollars were spent to
avoid such circuitry. The advantage of a Morley is the ultra-clean
opto-electronic switching.


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