Re: Tony Rovello's Questions (fwd)

While Hohner generally doesn't replace reeds and I'm certain they won't 
do it for a Blues Harp they have replaced individual reeds on my 
Meisterklasse.  They will also replace entire harmonicas for the cost of 
the postage or a greatly reduced from the retail price cost. While 
dealing with Hohner U.S. can be less than satisfying in terms of 
communication the results are often worth the effort. Winslow is right 
about the warranty being voided by bending Hohner often includes there 
warranty policy with underlined pertinent passages along with your 
returned repaired harmonica.  They also have an obliquely marked carbon 
of the repair order that comes with illegible arcane comments that as 
best as I can tell mean you'd better stop playing the thing if you don't 
want it to break.  My apologies to Rick Epping who is not at all like my 
above description.  He's accessible and knowlegdgeable and very willing 
to help solve a problem.  fjm

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