Re: Some Girls


>Does anyone else find it funny that Sugar Blue's friend works for Big 
>Blue?  Perhaps there's some kind of conspiracy afoot.  FJM

>On Tue, 31 Jan 1995 mlyons@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> Can't let this one get away, as the player is a personal friend.  His name
>> is Sugar Blue.  His most famous riff is for "Miss You", which he has avail-
>> able on his album "Blue Blazes", available from Alligator Records, and just
>> released 18 months ago.  Pick it up, he is very interesting.
>> Blue Leo (mlyons@xxxxxxxxxxxx) alias Mike Lyons

Should be easy to figure out the extent of IBM's involvement here.  

Just the fact that Mike uses the phrases "just released" and "18 
months ago" in the same sentence confirms that he definitely is 
with IBM. ;)

Now go to any record store and ask for the album. 

If they received Alligator announcements about it 18 months ago 
but they don't expect their first shipment for another six months, 
it's a good bet that Alligator is a multimedia subsidiary of IBM.

(And if you call Alligator to find out when it's really shipping 
and they tell you that it's just going to final mix next week,
Alligator has probably farmed out the producing to Microsoft.)
(Sorry, Mike, couldn't help it -- the devil made me do it. :^)


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