Re: Mics or Amps

The answer to your question is really none of the above. You really spell 
it out when you say that Gary Bernath has your sound.  All that aside 
mics and amps are personal preferences and although there are broad 
acceptable categories I wouldn't tell you you were wrong if you played 
through a Pignose with a kraco car stereo delay unit and liked it.  
(someone on this list actually uses this rig) That all said here's my 
opinion.  Stress subjective opinion for all the answers you'll get.  
There is no right or wrong.  You're right the Shure is heavy.  I don't 
like the way the Astatics sound but most people play through them and 
sound just fine.  I personally feel that more of the sound is the amp 
than the mic.  I also prefer tubes but I used to play through a solid 
state Sunn Bass amp and it worked fine.  Again my personal 
preference is for 10" speakers because they feed back less readily 
than 12's and have a fatter sound than 8's.  I've always used high 
to medium powered amps but I find myself eyeing Princetons lately.  
The Silverface ones can be had quite cheaply these days.  Oftentimes 
less than $200.  Everyone always says this but 
it's true tone is you.  Not the equipment.  I've had people come sit in 
with my band and use my equipment then get mad at me because they 
thought I'd changed all the settings to make them sound bad.  
FJM who cares what LW played through he's dead.

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