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From:!ph (J Patrick Hester -- NY)
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Subject: commuter jamming

Got a '68 chevy
with an AM radio
<fwah-wah-dah>  <fwah-wahwah-fwah-dwah-ooo-wah>

Got a '68 chevy
and a broken AM radio
<fwah-wah-wah>  <fwee-doo-wee-doo-doo-wah-oo-wah>

I got me my harmonica  <fweedoodle-ee-wah>
and 50 more miles to go
<fwee-ooodle> <fwee-oodle>  <fee-dwee-oo-wee-doo-wee-oo-doo-o-o-o>

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