MS Harps

After starting a harmonica class about 1.5 years back I purchased a Honher
Blues Harp. This guy died and I took him with me to the music store to get
a replacement. The salesman reached in the case and pulled out another Blues
Harp. I had the original and new harp out. The new one was an MS series. 
This thing didn't have the weight of the original nor the quality 
construction. The salesman didn't have a clue about the difference and 
neither did I at the time. He chaecked and found he could order a "standard"
non "MS" Blues Harp which he did. He also ordered a L.O. for me too. I gave
my Blues Harp to my instructor when he needed a C harp sometime later. I
was surprised to see that the local music store is now carrying L.O. harps!
I mean this is a change. The owner of the store didn't know anything about
L.O. and replaceable reed plates a year ago. Maybe he caught on after I
led him through the ordering of several plate sets in the last year. The
only bad thing is the price, ouch. But if you need one it may be around.


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