Re: Best way? [Warning - LONG] (was Returned mail)

>Jack, can you recommend a good way of learning to read (short of private 
>lessons or getting a degree in music?) Is there a book you can recommend for a 
>non-reader like myself to learn how to read and learn about music theory?


Hi Steve,

It's weird, just today I uncovered and old book I bought which was highly 
recommended by someone -- I've long forgotten their name.

This book stresses reading - not playing an instrument. They admit you will not  
be able to sing beautifully, play the piano, or bazooka (if you remember that 
one your older than I think). It won't get very deep into theory but it seems 
like a good start.

Now, I have to confess I have not completed this book but I've skimmed through 
it and it looks good. They use some interesting props (like heavy twine) - I 
haven't got into that section yet but I've always wondered...?

Book claims the author taught thousands to read music in four hours.


By:	Howard Shanet (Assoc. Prof. of Music, Columbia U. & Conductor of the 
	University OrchastrA.)

ISBN 0-671-21027-0 PBK

A Fireside Book published by Simon and Schuster (I know they are still in 
business - they published Kim Field's book).

The copyright date is 1956 but I bought it in '79 or '80 so it's evidently had 
re-prints. Price then was $3.95 -- probably $10 or so now.

Might Check the Library first.

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