Re: www, NetScape, Cyber Harp, HTML

If you're on AOL, Mosaic or Netscape won't do you any good. You'd have to
use AOL's own World Wide Web (WWW) interface, which I don't think they have
yet, although I understand they're working on it. How stuff designed for
Netscape will look on it, I don't know.  Anyway, what you'd have to do is
locate an Internet server that offers a SLIP or PPP connection, and you need
at least a 14,400 modem or else find a good book to read while you're
loading inline images. I use Netscape myself and can vouch for it. Also, I
used to subscribe to AOL but found that, besides having limited access to
the Internet, if you use more than 18 hours a month, it's cheaper just to
pay the $25/month for 50 hours that I get for a SLIP account through my
local Internet server.

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