Re: how to learn to play harp


>From: rocket@xxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: Re: how to learn to play harp

>At 2:01 PM 1/30/95, J Patrick Hester -- NY wrote:
>>I don't know about the BEST method but here's the one that worked for me...
>>Get a job about 60 miles from where you live. One where you have to drive
>>like an hour if there's no traffic.

>I'll second that advice.



Not a bad method, but the real Secret of Success that Rkt isn't 
letting on here for learning to play harp for real is simply to 
quit that nasty old commuting job, period.

This will have the immediate effect of giving you ~24 hours a 
day~ to drive around in your car, and possibly be ~thousands of 
miles~ from your next job, if any, which doesn't matter a lot, 
cuz you'll soon lose your house anyway, and there's sure a lot of 
beautiful country to see, roadhouses to play in, and tunes to 
practice behind the wheel -- at least as long as you have food 
and gas money)!

Yes, if you any talent at all, this method practically 
~guarantees~ that you'll get better ~real fast~ (and have a 
notebook full of ~great original blues tunes~ to boot ;)!


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