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At the NAMM show I sat down with Rick Epping of Hohner USA and
Guenter Darasz, president of Hohner Germany, specifically to
discuss the modular series. I'll give a complete report in HIP
No. 5, but I can mention some major points here.

The handmade Marine Band, Special 20, and Golden Melody continue
to be available, worldwide, on an ongoing basis and for the
foreseeable future.

This includes England, Germany, and everywhere else. The only
reason you can't get these handmade models is that the
distributors or retailers haven't ordered them. THEY ARE IN THE
CATALOG - DEMAND THEM, and don't get fobbed off with the modular
versions if you don't want them.

The MS series is being redesigned, with a better reed alloy and
other improvements. This won't see the light of day for the
better part of a year.

The assembly of the reedplates (i.e. riveting the reeds and
centering) is the only automated part of the MS. Tuning, gapping,
and subsequent assembly will be by hand. I have heard conflicting
reports on the tuning, but this is what I was told.

Replacement reedplates are available from Hohner repair
departments, not through retail channels.

Modular-only models will include all models except the Special
20, Marine Band, and Golden Melody.

Reedplates for all Modular models will be the same, except for
the Meisterklasse which has nickel-plated reedplates and and is
tuned twice.

Despite Hohner's reputation for secrecy and poor public
relations, I was very favorably impressed by the openness and
eagerness to spill the beans displayed by the above gentlemen.
This bodes well.

Winslow Yerxa
Harmonica Information Press
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