EC's Hootchie Coochie Man (was Re: 3 Hole Draw)

> As an example I offer
> Jerry Portnoy's playing on "Hootchie Coochie Man" on Clapton's "From
> The Cradle".  This is 1st position.

Forgot to mention that this song is in the key of A, and the harp sounds
like cross position D.  Previous posts on Portnoy's technique circa
July-Sept indicate he could have been puckering, fwiw.  Don't hear any of
the tongue-slap artifacts preceding the notes (as I type here). Don't hear
any octaves.  Just some wankin' notes -- nice, understated, but not my fave
on the CD, fwiw.  Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Harv <HAAndruss@xxxxxxx> -- opinions my own

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