Re: www, NetScape, Cyber Harp, HTML

> For us newcomers to Harp-L all this gopher and www and Netscape stuff is way
> over our heads.  It's not that we don't want to hear about it, we really want
> to understand it and get into it.  I was just getting used to the idea that I
> need something called Mosaic and to find an Internet server that won't cost
> an arm and a leg and now I hear in Chris's posting that NetScape does stuff
> Mosaic won't.  Could someone please do a disertation on "What's the next step
> now that I've gotten hooked on Harp-L."  Take it slow and easy.  If it's too
> much to post on Harp-L maybe someone willing to ellaborate could post a
> message saying that they would send a file of info on this subject upon
> request.
> Thanks for any help.
> Bob Williams, HarpSPAH@xxxxxxx

Bob's absolutely right - I'll bet there are LOTS of us who aren't experienced
net surfers that would greatpy appreciate details posted to the group.

 --  mike curtis

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